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Modular Discovery

Posted on July 30th, 2011 by Nick Jackson

Jerome is a system which is modular by design. It comprises of a variety of distinct modules which handle data collection, formatting, output, search, indexing, recommendation and more. It’s also fairly unique (as far as I can tell) in that different types of resource also occupy a modular ‘slot’ rather than being interwoven with Jerome itself – it has no differentiation at the code level between books, ebooks, dissertations, papers, journals, journal entries, websites or any other ‘resource’ which people may want to feed it.

As a result of this approach we can use Jerome as a true multi-channel resource discovery tool. All that’s required for anybody to add resources to Jerome and immediately make them searchable and recommendable is for a ‘collection’ to be created and for them to write a bit of code which can make the following API calls as necessary:

  • Create a new resource as part of the collection, telling us as much about it as they can.
  • Update an existing resource when it changes.
  • Delete a resource which is no longer available.
  • Optionally record a use of a resource against a user’s account to help build our recommendations dataset.

That’s it. Got a collection of awesome lecture slides you want to feed into Jerome and instantly make known as a resource? You can do that.

We’ll have your API documentation up soon.

The university of linking

Posted on July 21st, 2010 by Paul Stainthorp

Today’s Talis Linked Data and Libraries open day has motivated me to make a list of some of the external data tools, web services and APIs that could well end up being sucked into Jerome’s vortex of general awesomeness.

I was inspired (possibly through drinking too much SPARQL-themed coffee) by the thought that 2010 is effectively ‘year 1′ for library-themed Linked Data. (But I promise I’ll try and keep the ‘Lincoln’/’linking’ puns to a minimum after this post…)

Library linked data cloud

“With the emergence of large, centralized sources entry to the Linked Data cloud might be easier than you think” (Ross Singer, The Linked Library Data Cloud: Stop talking and start doing, Code4Lib 2010)

So, which of these will make their way into the Jerome toolkit? (I’ll say now, before I get in trouble, that they’re not all purely Linked Data!) …compiled in part from these other lists, and by discussions/examples at the Talis event:

What have I missed? Which of these are not worth bothering with; which should we get stuck into without delay? You know where the comment form is…