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Iteration Roundup

Posted on April 21st, 2011 by Nick Jackson

Another week, another iteration down. Here’s the summary for last week:

  • JournalTOCs Licensing: This seems to be a CC-BY licence, but we’re just double checking with Heriot-Watt about if this licences the API itself, or the data that comes from it.
  • Journal entries in search now sport availability dates in a nice human readable format (eg “From 1982 to now”, “From 1996 to 6 months ago”)
  • If you add Jerome to an iOS device home screen it now has a slick new icon.
  • Item pages for catalogue items include availability of current stock in most cases. We’re aware of some journals which are catalogued as books where this isn’t the case, and we’re working on it.
  • Fixed a bug where our import script was importing empty records for books which didn’t exist. Blamed Horizon Information Portal for returning pages of empty content rather than a HTTP 404.
  • Journal search results now point to an individual Jerome item page, rather than directly to our OpenURL resolver. OpenURL now lives in the bright orange “Online” box in the top right of an item page.

In other news, we’ve spent a fair bit of time starting to boost our ‘master plan’ mind map, and have moved a lot of the development points into the iterative model so that we’ll get round to them eventually. At some point next week I’ll be trying to get them into some kind of rough order out of the icebox so we can start to forecast iterations. Don’t forget that you can follow our current progress on our tracker if you’re really interested in the inner workings.