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Quick update

Posted on June 20th, 2011 by Alex Bilbie

Just a quick update on what we’re working on Jerome over the next week or so:

We’ll be merging the types of items Jerome indexes into one database table (or MongoDB collection in our case), at the moment books, journals and repository items are in their own tables (collections). This won’t be a big job, it’s mostly a case of altering our import cron jobs.

Once the merge has happened then we can start fleshing out our final APIs. There are already a few that we’ve made but they don’t integrate with our security model yet, and also don’t output in a consistent format. And for those open data fans, yes we will have *some* RDF outputs…

Over the weekend I spent some time looking at how we’re going to add a personalisation layer into Jerome. Graph databases seems to be the way to go as these allow us to do some funky queries like “return all books that students that are in the Software Engineering and Hardware modules borrowed over the last two years ordered by average rating then ordered by the number of times they were borrowed”. We’re going to play with Neo4j as I’ve seen some cool tutorials which cover our use case.