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Posted on April 11th, 2011 by Nick Jackson

It’s an end-of-iteration time, and that means a round-up of what’s been going on in the Jerome world. I’m going to kick off by announcing the exciting news that we’ve standardised on Pivotal Tracker as our agile workflow manager. This means that we can all see exactly what’s planned, what needs tweaking and what’s coming next as well as getting immediate updates on the state of the current iteration. Since this is a JISC project we’ve made the whole thing public so you can see how we’re getting on.

So what’s been happening recently? Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • Catalogue import now uses the full MARC record instead of a stripped-down ‘friendly’ version, giving higher quality data and metadata.
  • Individual items in the catalogue and journals collections now have their own information pages. The same for Repository items is coming soon.
  • Item pages sport COinS metadata for ease of referencing and OpenURL lookups. Give it a whirl with any COinS-compatible browser plugin, like Zotero in Firefox.
  • Item pages all have a huge set of social media baked right in, allowing easy sharing and bookmarking.
  • We’re now aware of where an e-book is available, and highlight it accordingly in search and on the item page.
  • Cover images are now available for both books and a limited (Elsevier) set of journals.
  • Catalogue item pages have links to Google Books previews where they are available
  • We understand different media types (we’re still adding some more), which now highlight things like videos in search results. Soon they’ll be adjustable in search.
  • Tweaked default search weightings to provide slightly more accurate default results.
  • Pulling data from OpenLibrary for items with valid ISBNs provides a richer experience in the “Other Resources” section.
  • Book cover images are now coming from OpenLibrary, giving a higher quality and generally wider range.
  • Search data sets are now much cleaner in terms of character encoding and special character escaping, giving much richer international/foreign character support.

What’s coming next? We’re meeting soon to decide the key points for the next iteration but in the meantime I can reveal that we’ll be busting out our list-fu (reading lists, citation lists, pick lists and more), our first user-aware tools (custom search weighting sets and history!), journal contents, richer subject data, browsing by subject, similar books and more.

Stay tuned!

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