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Posted on March 30th, 2011 by Nick Jackson

One of the things that everybody academic needs the ability to do is list resources. Whether this is a lecturer putting together a reading list, a student gathering things for references, or a researcher arranging material to look at the basic functionality is still the same. Which is why one of the things we’re introducing with Jerome is our new Lists tool, the beta of which will be out soon.

Epic lists for all!

Fundamentally, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a list of resources which a person has put together for a purpose, but we’re taking the concept and giving it a bit more of that Jerome sparkle. To start with, Lists work with all our resources be they catalogue items, journals, articles or repository content. You can add or remove list items from anywhere within the Jerome interface, and create multiple lists to look after content for different purposes.

On top of this, once you’ve got a few items added we’ll tap into our borrowing history and ‘similar content’ detection to suggest other resources which you may find useful. Yes, that’s a reference list which suggests other things to go have a look at, or a reading list which can point out other helpful books we may only just have acquired. The suggestions will also be hooked up to our smart suggestions weighting, adjusting the things we recommend based on the type of content you’ve preferred in the past.

So you can add things from our collections, and we’ll help bulk out your lists for you. We could stop there, but we’re not done yet. You can even tap straight into the power of Jerome’s content augmentation and add anything to your list, even if we don’t know about it. Tell us what you know about an item and we’ll go away and try to find out as much as we can for you. Got the title and author of a great book, but not enough to cite it? Tell us what you know and we’ll do our best to fill out the rest.

Once you’ve got a list we’re going all out to make it as useful as possible. You can keep it private or choose to share it with the world. Export your lists in a variety of standard formats compatible with citation managers and browser favourites, or even embed a widget into your webpage or blog (or course content on Blackboard).

Lists are coming soon to signed in users, with anonymous ‘short-term’ list creation coming a bit after. As always, we’d love to hear if you have any ideas for particular features you want to see.

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